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SoHo Broadway History: Workers’ struggle documented at 427-429 Broadway

SoHo Broadway History: 542-544 Broadway’s “caryatid-ian” eyes on the street

ry: A 1978 painting by May Stevens offers an entry point to the stories of SoHo’s women artists

SoHo Broadway History: This Black History Month we look back on SoHo’s legacy as an African American community

SoHo Broadway History: Petrosino Square is small but packed with history and is one of the few public realm oases serving our district

SoHo Broadway History: Houdini’s origins can be traced to our district

SoHo Broadway History: Looking back on the stylistic origins of SoHo’s iconic architecture

SoHo Broadway History: Looking back on the work of influential urban planning theorist and how it shaped the neighborhood

ny-layered past lies behind the cast-iron facade of this SoHo building

This month, the Initiative looks back on the many lives lived and showcased in 485 Broadway, at one time deemed a ‘temple of Thespis’ by the New York Herald.

SoHo Broadway History: Envisioning a future beyond traffic

SoHo Broadway History: Trails to Transit

SoHo Broadway History: Land use and its regulation through the years

SoHo Broadway Community: The history of a park in a neighborhood with limited usable public space

SoHo Broadway History: 2004 subway art installation still resonates today

Annual Student Program 2023 A one-day program for architecture students, offering career insights from leading design professionals and studios.

The Architectural League of NY-Annual Student Program 2023

The Architectural League Student Program

Yoga with Sky Ting at Elizabeth Street Garden NYC

Yoga with Sky Ting at Elizabeth Street Garden 2023-Final day

Yoga with Sky Ting at Elizabeth Street Garden on Saturdays – SoHo Events

Stay Tuned! More events to come.

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