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Reports & Documents

Here is where you can find documents produced by the Initiative such as the District Spotlight and Community Survey Reports, as well as public documents such as our Audited Financial statements and minutes from our public meetings such as our Annual Meeting and quarterly Community Roundtables.

Soho Broadway Initiative

District Spotlight

Spotlight 2016
Spotlight 2016 Data Presentation

Community Survey

2018 Community Survey
2016 Community Survey
2015 Community Survey

Finance Documents

2022 Audited Financial Statement
2021 Audited Financial Statement
2020 Audited Financial Statement
2019 Audited Financial Statement
2018 Audited Financial Statement
2017 Audited Financial Statement
2016 Audited Financial Statement
2015 Audited Financial Statement
2020 Form 990
2019 Form 990
2018 Form 990
2017 Form 990
2016 Form 990
2015 Form 990

Meeting Minutes

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes-DRAFT
2021 Annual Meeting Minutes
2020 Annual Meeting Minutes
2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
2016 Annual Meeting Minutes
2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

Community Roundtable Minutes

January 2023 Community Roundtable Minutes
October 2022 Community Roundtable Minutes
July 2022 Community Roundtable Minutes
April 2022 Community Roundtable Minutes
January 2022 Community Roundtable Minutes
October 2021 Community Roundtable Minutes
July 2021 Community Roundtable Minutes
April 2021 Community Roundtable Minutes
January 2021 Community Roundtable Minutes
October 2020 Community Roundtable Minutes

2017 Open House Meeting Minutes
2016 Open House Meeting Minutes

Year in Review & Annual Reports

2021-22 Annual Report
2020-21 Annual Report
2019-20 Year in Review
2018-19 Year in Review
2017-18 Year in Review
2016-17 Year in Review

Misc. Public Documents

SoHo Broadway District Plan