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Fraud on Broadway: The Colorful History of 510

SoHo Broadway History: shady dealings and crimes at district landmark

510 Broadway is one of the most ornate buildings within our district.  The current structure was built in 1879 by architect William Bloodgood and builder Freeman Bloodgood; the building stands at 5 stories, with a storefront façade of cast iron pillars, stylistically matched in stone on the upper levels. The whole building is crowned with a robust cast cornice and carved decorative panels.  A short description of the building and builder information can be found in the SoHo Cast Iron Historic District Designation Report.

510 Broadway Description in the SoHo Cast Iron Historic District Designation Report
510 Broadway Description in the SoHo Cast Iron Historic District Designation Report

Yet, what makes 510 Broadway really interesting isn’t its architectural features, but instead that it has attracted tenants who undertook some shady activities within and concerning the property. From tax fraud to larceny, and even attempted arson, 510 Broadway has seen its fair share of sketchy situations. Through its 141 years of history, here are a few of the more standout incidents, as relayed by a post on the blog Daytonian in Manhattan:

510 Broadway
510 Broadway

These three incidents took place within a three-decade period, but thankfully things at 510 have been less-dramtic since.  Since the 1970’s, 510 Broadway was converted, like many other buildings in the district, to live/work artist lofts. The overall structure of the building remains the same, though the façade was recently restored. 510 Broadway is a gem, and the retail space is currently available for a new tenant. Hopefully the next occupant will be less “colorful” than those of the building’s past!

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