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In the late-1980s and into the 1990s, at the tail end of SoHo’s heyday as the center of New York’s gallery scene, small and often specialized galleries thrived along the Broadway corridor.

SoHo’s Broadway in the 1970s mainly housed two kinds of ground floor businesses: textile/clothing wholesalers and the luncheonettes/diners that served to their employees/customers.

If you walk by 555 Broadway, you will notice the name “Charles Broadway Rouss” emblazoned across its façade.

In any discussion about  SoHo preservation, the name Jane Jacobs usually comes up almost immediately. But there is another, lesser-known yet hugely influential figure in the saga of saving SoHo and preserving its architectural heritage: Margot Gayle.

The St. Nicholas Hotel, on the west side of Broadway between Spring and Broome Streets, was a hotel like nothing New York City had seen before.

Here are some more stories about how our neighborhood’s streets got their names.

Who would ever know that the unassuming yet grand buildings at 537 and 541 Broadway, unified by a homogenous façade design, were once the epicenter of modern dance in SoHo?

Learn more about John Jacob Astor’s Haughwout Building.

Part of ‘A Look Back at SoHo’s Broadway’ Series – SoHo Neighborhood Guide

Part of ‘A Look Back at SoHo’s Broadway’ Series – SoHo Neighborhood Guide

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