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NYC Truck Route Network Redesign Public Feedback Portal

SoHo Broadway Partner: Leave a comment on the interactive map to share feedback informing the truck route network redesign

In 2023, the New York City Council passed Local Law 171 requiring NYC DOT to redesign the city truck route network to enhance safety, increase visibility, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the overall freight roadway network.

Last month, NYC DOT launched its Truck Route Network Redesign Public Feedback Portal! The Portal will allow the public and freight industry to learn about the city’s truck route network and provide feedback. The public is able to comment and provide feedback through identifying issues and concerns of the current network via an interactive map. Feedback will help inform NYC DOT on how and where we can look to improve movement of trucks on city streets with an eye on safety, increasing visibility, increasing efficiency and reducing traffic congestion on NYC Streets.

The New York City Truck Route Network plays a major role in the city’s extensive freight infrastructure. Its purpose is to connect major freight origins and destinations seamlessly, facilitating efficient access to industrial and commercial areas while safeguarding against conflicts with land uses and vulnerable road users. 

Close to 90% of NYC’s goods are moved into and around the city by truck. Increased demand for deliveries to our homes and businesses has resulted in more trucks on our roads, creating environmental and safety risks. Delivering New York: A Smart Truck Management Plan for New York City and Delivering Green: A vision for a sustainable freight network serving New York City highlight the critical work needed to execute New York City’s shared vision for the future of safer, more efficient, and sustainable freight movement. 

To use the portal, enter the portal and click on feedback map. Use the 12 feedback options or leave a comment: https://nycdotprojects.info/project-feedback-map/feedback-map-12

The deadline to provide public feedback is June 30, 2024.

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