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Find helpful resources on how to be a good neighbor within the SoHo Broadway community.

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About the Program

SoHo Broadway is a vibrant mixed use community that includes residents living alongside retailers and office tenants. Most times these different uses co-exist peacefully, but when they don’t the Initiative is here to help each member of the SoHo Broadway community be a good neighbor.

The Be a Good Neighbor program provides informational resources to residents, retailers, office tenants and building owners on how to be a good neighbor within the SoHo Broadway mixed use community. The program provides information on a number of topics including snow removal, putting out commercial garbage, DSNY collection holidays and off-hour commercial deliveries to name a few.

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2019 DSNY Holiday Collection Calendar

January 3, 2019

Calendar of 2019's DSNY Holiday Collection Suspensions

2018 DSNY Holiday Collection Calendar

December 18, 2017

Calendar of 2018's DSNY Holiday Collection Suspensions

No DSNY Collection on New Years Day 2018

November 27, 2017

2017 DSNY Holiday Collection Calendar

October 27, 2017

SoHo Broadway Sidewalk Vending Guidebook

October 27, 2017

No DSNY Collection on Christmas 2017

October 25, 2017