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SoHo Broadway Clean Team is Ready for Summer

SoHo Broadway District: Service hours expanded in response to seasonal foot traffic increase

Streetplus took over as the Initiative’s contracted partner to provide supplemental sanitation services to the SoHo Broadway community in July and works daily to empty litter baskets, sweep up stray litter, and remove stickers and graffiti.

In May 2024, the Initiative’s outstanding Clean Team removed a total of 5,006 bags of trash and 2,852 incidents of graffiti and stickers from the neighborhood.

In addition to our core service area along Broadway and the intersecting cross streets, the Initiative continues to provide sanitation services on Crosby and Mercer streets.

We are also continuing our Clean Curbs prototype containerized waste bin box pilot, which has kept over 1,600 bags of trash off the sidewalk on the east side of Broadway & Prince since its launch last summer.

In addition to keeping the neighborhood clean, the SoHo Broadway Clean team is in constant communication with staff and serves as eyes and ears on our sidewalks 7 days a week, reporting on issues observed relating to construction, infrastructure, public safety, promotional activity, vending, and more. We value the presence and vigilance of their contributions to ensure the SoHo Broadway district is functional and safe as well as clean!

As Clean Team Field Supervisor Bobby Canty shared with SoHo Broadway staff, when two litter baskets at Broadway & Prince are full upon arrival in the morning, it is time to increase service. To that end, starting May 31st we added an additional cleaner on the 1-9 p.m. shift Fridays-Sundays to address added levels of trash generated from the summer’s increased pedestrian traffic. This expanded service will continue through Labor Day.

We thank our Clean Team for their continued dedication to making SoHo Broadway a welcoming place to live, work, shop and explore.

Be sure to say hello next time you see our team in blue working their magic on the street!

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