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SoHo Broadway Initiative Launches Clean Curbs Pilot

SoHo Broadway District: Containerized waste prototype bin box removes trash bags from busy corners of Broadway & Prince Street

In June, the SoHo Broadway Initiative installed a bin box in the curb lane of Prince Street between Broadway and Crosby Street as part of the City’s Clean Curbs program. Made possible with funding via a grant from the City and in partnership with the Department of Sanitation, Department of Transportation, and Department of Small Business Services, this custom, one-of-a-kind, securely locked prototype was designed by Re-Ply and features a green roof planted and maintained by The Horticultural Society of New York under contract with the Initiative.

SoHo Broadway Clean Team Field Supervisors loading the bin box waste container

The bin box is operated by the SoHo Broadway Clean Team, who deposit bags of waste from the litter baskets on the northeast and southeast corners of Broadway and Prince into rat-resistant containers within the bin box. The Department of Sanitation then picks up the waste stored in the box as part of their collection route.

Clean Team Field Supervisors posing in front of SoHo Broadway Clean Curbs Prototype Waste Container

The trash bags hidden inside this container would have previously sat on these busy corners in view of and as an obstruction to pedestrians while awaiting collection; instead, the corners are left clear and clean! Since service was initiated in July, the Clean Curbs prototype has already taken hundreds of bags of trash off the sidewalk, and demonstrates an alternative approach for New York City to manage waste collection. A huge thank you to all of our partners who made this pilot possible!

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