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Chinese American Arts Council Nonprofit

Chinese American Arts Council (CAAC) was established in 1975 to meet the cultural needs of the expanding Chinese community in New York City. The organization’s primary missions are:

To preserve the Chinese heritage within its own community and to introduce its culture to the greater New York community;

To provide art service and engagement opportunities to Asian artists and cultural organizations in support of their programs. In essence, CAAC aims to be the arts liaison to the Asian artists community;

Today CAAC is one of the largest Chinese American arts presentation and service organizations in New York. It presents many events annually at Lincoln Center, Chinatown, Flushing and many other locations in New York City and is recognized by the city and state agencies as the arts liaison including but not limited to the Chinese American community. The programs at CAAC are developed for the purposes of:

Preserving the cultural heritage of Chinese American;
Introducing the best of Chinese culture to all demographics;
Providing Asian performing and visual artists opportunities to express their talents and creativity;
Promoting the continuous exchange among artists and within the community;
Ensuring the continuous and vigorous development of Chinese cultural art forms

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