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If the zoning only allows for manufacturing uses, how are there so many stores, offices, and residences here?

Light manufacturing zones, like SoHo’s, are permitted to contain manufacturing and complementary uses as-of-right (without review from the NYC Department of City Planning). Specifically, M1-5B allows: manufacturing uses, like textile spinning, wholesaling, and printing plants; and office, retail, and JLWQA units above the ground floor only. The zoning generally does not permit retail use on the ground floor and residential uses are not allowed anywhere in the building.

Despite not being allowed by the M1-5B zoning, retail uses on the ground floor can locate in SoHo through the following means:

Residential uses can locate in SoHo through the Loft Law or the Preservation special permit (see Question 6).

Both retail and residential uses can also locate in SoHo by creative legal interpretations of the Zoning Resolution or by mitigating the risk of non-compliance via contractual stipulations.

To SoHo Zoning Guidebook See All FAQ
To SoHo Zoning Guidebook See All FAQ