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SoHo Zoning Guidebook

The Soho Broadway Initiative created the SoHo Zoning Guidebook to explain the mismatch between SoHo’s zoning designation and the way the district is used in reality today.


Welcome to SoHo Zoning Guidebook

We know zoning is a bit of technical, dare we say nerdy. The City’s zoning regulations play an important role in regulating how real estate and buildings are used.

The goal for the SoHo Zoning Guidebook is to elevate the common understanding of SoHo’s zoning for residents, property owners and businesses who want to meaningfully participate in conversations about the current status and future of the SoHo neighborhood.

While it may not be apparent to a passerby, the mismatch of current zoning regulations to the current uses significantly complicates matters for those who live, work, own, rent or develop property in SoHo. The guidebook provides examples of the SoHo neighborhood’s history and draws particular focus to the conditions along the SoHo Broadway corridor today.

The SoHo Zoning Guidebook was produced in collaboration with a dedicated committee of SoHo Broadway stakeholders, urban planning consulting firm Karp Strategies and the SoHo Broadway Initiative staff. We are excited to share this Guidebook with you.

That sounds like a lot right? Don’t worry SoHo Broadway, we’ve created a very readable guidebook and created this special section of our website to break down this complex subject matter into small bite size sections that are easily digested and won’t give you any of that unwanted heartburn you’ve come to expect when reading about zoning.

Don’t know where to start? Scroll down this page for Chapter Snapshots that gives readers an overview of the guidebook and links to any chapter to read more.

Want to dive right in? Just click the Read the Guidebook link above.

Finished the Guidebook and are ready for more? Click the Resources link above for links to specific resources and reference material sited in the Guidebook.

Only have a few minutes? Check out link to the FAQ link above to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Chapter Snapshots

Below are brief snapshots of each chapter of the SoHo Zoning Guidebook. Clicking on a chapter shapshot will take a visitor to the selected full chapter of the Guidebook on the “Read the Guidebook” page.