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In Case You Missed It: SoHo Broadway

SoHo Broadway Community: Returning to the office? Back in the neighborhood after time away? Here are some highlights about what you may have missed as we move into fall!

Its been a busy summer so far in SoHo and we are excited to see what the fall season will bring. Many of the district’s retail stores are experiencing continued increase business as shoppers and office workers continue return to SoHo. If you’re returning back to the office or the neighborhood after some time away, we’ve compiled a few updates for what you might have missed:


New retail opportunities have opened on Broadway over the past year in response to increased foot traffic and retail demand. Stop in and give our new (or reopened!) retailers a warm welcome including:

Public Space

Looking for a new place to relax at lunch? In July, the long-awaited Rapkin-Gayle Plaza opened just east of the SoHo Broadway corridor at the corner of Grand Street and Lafayette Street. Also be sure to check out the Initiative’s summer plantings in curb extensions along Broadway before they transition for fall, and look up at our current streetlight banner campaign to learn fascinating facts about SoHo!

Subway Ridership

While subway ridership is still below pre-pandemic levels, rates continue to increase; Tuesday, August 30th, the subway saw over 3 million riders.

Return to Office

Our own office building is the busiest it has been since 2020, and we are hearing from building owners and other office tenants that they are seeing similar trends. We’re so glad to see so many workers back in the neighborhood!

New Staff

Be sure to say hello to the Initiative’s new Director of Community Affairs & Operations Dan Hogle when you see him the street! Dan works closely with constituents, city agencies, and partners to make sure the district is clean, safe, and functional for everyone who lives in, works in, and visits SoHo Broadway.

Public Safety

We are pleased to see that as the our sidewalks become more lively, the neighborhood continues to be an overwhelmingly safe place for all who live in, work in, and visit SoHo and surrounding neighborhoods, with local crime low by historic standards and New York remaining one of the safest large cities in the United States. Compared to just twenty years ago, crime across major categories is 54% lower (1st Precinct) and 41% lower (5th Precinct) locally.

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