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Digital Art Month Comes to SoHo

SoHo Broadway Art: Explore augmented reality art and video art in October

Last month, the SoHo Broadway Initiative announced that our district would be participating in the Contemporary and Digital Art Fair’s (CADAF) Digital Art Month, an exhibition of augmented reality (AR) and video works installed across Manhattan and launched October 1. Here is everything you need to know to engage with the participating works in SoHo and the rest of the city:

Discover over 70 artworks exhibited in public spaces around NYC by artists creating Augmented Reality (AR) Art through social media filters and Video Art. The AR Art will be exhibited via QR codes activated through Instagram and Snapchat. Additionally, Video Art will be displayed on screens across the city.

  1. Locate the QR codes in various neighborhoods across the city using event map on Digital Art Month website
  2. Scan the QR codes using the camera on your phone
  3. Activate the AR art using Instagram or Snapchat
  4. Post a picture of you using the AR filters with the hashtag #DigitalArtMonth
  5. Find amazing Video Art screened in the windows of your favorite stores
  6. Follow us on Instagram @cadaf_art to get to know all amazing artists

You will receive an email with instructions for a comprehensive self-guided tour to help you navigate throughout the artworks and neighbourhoods by October 1st. The tour wil include access to information about the digital art on view, interviews with the artists and more!

Grab your phone, a friend, and a mask and get ready to experience digital art like never before!

***Note: All of the QR codes for AR filters and Video Art screenings will be outside/able to be viewed from outside in public spaces so that everyone can enjoy the art event in the safest way possible. We strongly encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19, wear a mask, and social distance.

9 works will be available for view at 4 locations in SoHo:

Dop Dop Hair Salon (inside on the mirrors), 170 Mercer Street:
Artist: Sabato Viscoti
Work: Glitch Hat 11
Medium: AR
Description: Glitch Hats is an Augmented Reality work available on Instagram that explores the possibilities of augmented reality virtual fashion on a variety of platforms. Glitch Hats are inspired by the opulence of high fashion, yet they embody contemporary narratives, critical aesthetics, and speculative fictions. Sabato Visconti is a photographer and new media artist based in Western Massachusetts. Since 2011, Sabato’s work has sought to reconfigure traditional understandings of photography for the post internet era.

Hugo Boss, 132 Greene Street:
Artist: Kirill Rave
Work: Red Head
Medium: AR
Description: Red Head is an Augmented Reality available on Instagram. Human life cannot exist without mistakes: they await within any new experience. With the advent of new technologies and new opportunities, the struggle between chaos and order has not disappeared. We rely on the stability of our creations, and today there are failures that stand a chance of destroying our fragile world of plans and expectations.We shouldn’t hide our addiction: the number of gadgets has long exceeded the population of the Earth. Open your smartphone camera, scan the QR codes, dive into a broken room, discover how it sounds, listen to the chimes and find the red!

Galeria Melissa, 500 Broadway:
Artist: Group Artists
Work: Group Show
Medium: AR
Description: A video loop showcasing the work of select international digital artists: Jeffrey Bryant, Sian Fan, Vince Fraser, Ben Heim, Mike Pelletier, Allison Tanenhaus, Emilie Trice, Rory Scott, Laura Shepherd,
 Jullian Young

JVP New York (inside of the building), 122 Grand Street:
Artist: Valery Grancher
Work: Black Orb
Medium: AR
Description: Black orb is an Augmented Reality work available through sketchfab app that is focused on energy and flux. It questions the paradigm of sculpture with the absence of gravity, explores new materials, and the relationship to space. Everything is possible. Orbe named here Orb is a very old form in western culture symbol during the middle age of power and spirituality. By using AR the VR Object is interacting with a real place. By mixing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality we’re defining a new paradigm of In situ Sculpture

Thursday, October 15, 2020
7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

560 Broadway (Prince Street side)
Jean Andre Antoine
Dear New York
Curated by: Natashia Betancourt
Analog photography digitally scanned and projected, Public art 
For the past seven years Jean Andre Antoine has posted up at the same location on Prince Street to snap portraits of everyday New Yorkers and visitors from all over the world. Dear New York is the photographer’s homage to the spirit, diversity and resilience of the people of New York City. The artwork includes 350 portraits digitally projected in large scale onto the wall of his regular post.

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