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Welcome to our New Website

Over this past summer and fall, while some of you were at the beach or picking apples, the Initiative was busy building a new and improved website to serve the SoHo Broadway community.

Our new website includes new and improved content on an easy to navigate platform that is also mobile friendly.  The home page features quick access to Announcements, News and Events where you can quickly find out what is happening in and around SoHo Broadway.

The site includes new content geared toward those who live and work on Broadway.  The Neighborhood Guide includes the SoHo Broadway Directory with listings of co-working spaces, spas, health clubs, yoga studios and other popular amenities as well as our Be A Good Neighbor section with information on how to operate in a neighborly way in our mixed-use community.  Our popular Look Back at SoHo Broadway series can be found in the News and Events section where it will be joined by the Hey Neighbor series focused on the people who live and work on Broadway and the Welcome to SoHo Broadway series where new openings will be announced.

There’s a lot here, but hopefully this get’s you started.  Please explore the site, share with your neighbors and sign up for the email list if you haven’t done so already.

A special note of thanks to the following for making this project a success:  James Cavello of Westwood Gallery and Chair of our Outreach and Communications Committee, for his leadership, keen eye and direction, Karissa Lidstrand, Program Associate, for her tireless effort, continuous follow up and thoughtful input, the Outreach and Communication Committee for the great feedback and direction provided throughout the project, and Jin Kang, founder of Lapis Brand Design, who lead the design and construction of the new site, for her patience, enthusiasm and commitment to designing and building an amazing website for the SoHo Broadway community.


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