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Welcome New Clean Team Ambassador Nar Seye!

SoHo Broadway Initiative: Get to know our newest Clean Team Ambassador

The Initiative is pleased to announce that a new member has joined the SoHo Broadway Clean Team (provided by Street Plus). Nar Seye was born in Senegal and lives in the Bronx. Get to know Nar Seye and say hello if you see him on the sidewalks of SoHo!:

When did you start working with the SoHo Broadway Initiative?

I started on Saturday, August 5, 2023 traveling between SoHo, 14th Street and Coney Island. I settled permanently working in SoHo on October 5.

Outside of work, what are your interests and activities?

In fact, beyond my work, I’m a student. I go to school 3 days a week. I also work as a delivery man when I have days off. I play sports almost every evening.

Do you have any family or pets that you live with?

I have my family here. I live with my brothers.

What’s the best part of working here so far?

I’ve had unforgettable moments at Street Plus. I started at 14th Street, then Coney Island, and I’m currently here in SoHo. I really appreciate the team work, professionalism, and organization of the company, and the inhabitants and new acquaintances of the City. I like shopping in the stores best.

Where is your favorite place to hang-out in the SoHo/Downtown area if you have free time?

My favorite place to hang out is next to Canal Street between SoHo and Chinatown because there are lots of people.

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