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Margalit Startup City and JVP Launch International New York Cyber Center on Grand Street

New accelerator space aims to put NYC on the map as a cybertech innovator

Margalit Startup City and JVP have partnered with the City to elevate growth-stage tech companies to the next level in New York City.

Organization: Margalit Startup City and the JVP International New York Cyber Center

Date Opened: August 2019 / Grand Opening February 2020

Address: 122 Grand Street

Hours of Operation: offices 9 a.m to 6 p.m. / coffee cart 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Connect: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

What does JVP do? What industry are you in?

Margalit Startup City manages urban centers of excellence in Israel and the US and is the home of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), an Israeli venture capital firm. Over the past 25+ years, JVP and Margalit Startup City have created and invested in over 140 companies in the areas of Cyber, Communications, Media, and Food. In 2018, JVP won a bid with NYCEDC to open a global security cybercenter, with the purpose of putting New York City on the map as a cybertech innovator. The JVP International New York Cyber Center is intended to provide accelerator space for growth-stage companies as well as space for JVP portfolio companies working in related fields. Among these are:

It is a complex, interesting ecosystem we are building here in SoHo.

What brought your company to SoHo Broadway?

We used to have offices in Midtown on upper floors, far from the community. It was really important to our leadership to find a space that was in/among the people, close to street level. JVP has a history of partnering with arts & culture; it is important to us. We looked at over 150 buildings in neighborhoods ranging from Chelsea to Brooklyn before choosing this SoHo Broadway location. We wanted to be in an urban place full of creativity. The history of art in SoHo was a factor in our decision. We believe technology cannot thrive without the creative side. We also believe we can be a positive change agent to bring back some more art to the corridor. The tech industry is moving further downtown and SoHo is an exciting place to be; we think the neighborhood is the next big thing in tech and the City agrees. We are intimately invested in the community everywhere we work, and are looking to engage with local artists and creative activities.

What sets your company apart from the rest?

As an organization, we are relatively unique in the New York City landscape, which is home to a lot of startups and big corporate players—the place where startups become corporate is typically the West Coast. The DNA of the organization based on an understanding that there is a gap between those two ends of the tech spectrum.

We are similar to big West Coast venture capital funds; we have listed over 12 companies on NASDAQ and funded over 5 unicorns since 1993, turning ideas into corporations. We have demonstrated our capability to scale companies and create jobs worldwide. Companies from Israel, Denmark, the Columbia Startup Lab, and more come to us when they need to scale. We take them to the next phase, enabling the next generation of great companies in New York City.

If Silicon Valley is the capital of tech for the United States, New York City can be the capital of tech for the world.

How can members of the SoHo Broadway community connect with the Cyber Center?

The reason we created a lobby on Grand Street is to be accessible to the community. We invite people to jump into the lobby and visit, as well as ask us questions about the work we do. We especially hope members of the arts and creative community will reach out to work with us on ways to make the space more creative and add opportunities for artistic expression to the neighborhood.

JVP International New York Cyber Center
JVP International New York Cyber Center
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