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Upgrade Your Building with NYC Accelerator

SoHo Broadway Partner: NYC Accelerator is a City-backed program to help control costs, meet local law compliance, boost building performance, increase energy savings, and reduce carbon emissions across NYC buildings.

NYC Accelerator, launched in 2012 by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, works with thousands of buildings across the five boroughs to build a cleaner future by lowering pollution and carbon emissions. This program is here to provide free technical guidance to help the market transform how our buildings operate and are built.

The NYC Accelerator team identifies building upgrade projects to help meet emissions limits established under the Climate Mobilization Act. The program also provides no-cost building operator trainings and supports green workforce development.

How the Accelerator works with your building:

Who is eligible? 

How does it work? 

How much does it cost and what’s the catch? 


Web: www.nyc.gov/accelerator

Email: info@accelerator.nyc

Phone: 212-656-9202

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