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Survey: SoHo Broadway Peer Roundtables

SoHo Broadway District: Share your feedback

Starting this past Spring, the SoHo Broadway Initiative began a series of bi-weekly Roundtables via Zoom for key constituent groups within the District: residents, retailers, office tenants, and property owners/managers. The intent was to provide an opportunity for community members to communicate with and learn from peers and the Initiative about challenges they are facing in regard to COVID-19, the reopening, economic conditions, and physical issues in the district.

Following a robust start, as summer has worn on, the frequency of these Roundtables was reduced to monthly, but participation has continued to decline.

As we get ready to relaunch this series in September, please share your feedback here to let us know if these Roundtables are still useful to constituent communities, and what we could do to make them moreso.

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