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Step by Step: a Customized Guide for NYC Business Requirements

SoHo Broadway Partner: Find the licenses and permits your business needs with a customized list

New York City is offering to create a customized list especially for your business. Answer a series of questions about your new or existing business and you’ll receive a step by step guide list of the City, State, and Federal licenses and permits you need.

The process will take take approximately 10 minutes and you will be asked basic questions about your business, such as location, corporation status, lease or owner info, food service or transportation questions, employee info and more.

Can’t finish everything at once?

Log in to the NYC Business portal to save your work and come back later. NYC Business offers sample results before you begin the questionnaire.

Thinking of a new business?

Go ahead and start a new scenario in the Step by Step guide, get a preview of what you need to set up before you begin your NYC business success story!

Visit NYC Business Step by Step guide here: https://nyc-business.nyc.gov/nycbusiness/wizard

Learn more about an array of services offered by NYC Business, such as free courses, workshops, resources and advice for business owners: https://nyc-business.nyc.gov/nycbusiness/topicpage/support-for-businesses

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