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SoHo Memory Project Launches New Audio Tour and Exhibit

SoHo Broadway Community: Interactive audio memoir on Gesso and exhibit at UNIQLO by Yukie Ohta

On August 23rd, the SoHo Memory Project, in collaboration with the Gesso app, released a free GPS-based audio tour giving site-specific anecdotes of SoHo’s past. The Project’s founder and lifelong SoHo resident, Yukie Ohta, shares these stories based on her personal memories of growing up within the district.

This geo-responsive audio walking tour offers listeners a new way to experience the neighborhood’s vibrant artistic legacy. An interactive map and GPS-triggered audio stories guide the listener’s route, connecting historical details embedded in the neighborhood’s streets with memories of living in SoHo from artists, authors, and Ohta herself.

Said Ohta, “As SoHo’s memorykeeper, I look after traces of our neighborhood’s past, to keep them from disappearing forever. By remembering, by repopulating the past, we become closer to our cities. By preserving artists’ SoHo, by understanding how artists created a community within these 26 blocks, the neighborhood becomes a character in its own story.”

Get access to the audio tour here!

SoHo’s creative legacy is also being showcased in an exhibit at SoHo’s UNIQLO store curated by the SoHo Memory Project. The exhibit is a visual representation of SoHo’s history from the 1700s to the present day. Check it out the next time you’re in the district at 546 Broadway!

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