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Support SoHo Memory Project’s Fundraising Campaign!

SoHo Broadway Partner: The local history organization has launched a fundraising campaign to ensure its long-term legacy

The Initiative is thrilled to serve as a Legacy Campaign Community Partner to the SoHo Memory Project, a non-profit organization founded and directed by Yukie Ohta. SoHo Memory Project is on a mission to preserve the history of the SoHo neighborhood to better inform its future. This month, the SoHo Memory Project is launching a fundraising campaign to ensure its long-term legacy as a partner with the New York Historical Society Library’s archive on New York City history. The New York Historical Society will be accessioning their paper and digital assets, including their website, which contains a treasure trove of stories that chronicle SoHo’s evolution from farmland to high-end retail and residential hub, charting its cycles of development and thus placing current day SoHo in the context of New York City’s history.

In order to continue their important preservation work, the SoHo Memory Project needs to optimize their website onto a platform that safeguards their archival materials. This will require front-end work on scanning, transcribing, and organizing. In order to meet these goals, the SoHo Memory Project has asked community members to donate to their fundraising campaign.

A message from Yukie:

“I invite the community to affirm our efforts to preserve SoHo’s amazing history so that present and future generations understand and remember what a wonderful, vibrant neighborhood SoHo was and continues to be.”

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