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ICYMI: SoHo Broadway Spotlight 2016

During the summer of 2016, the Initiative embarked on a project to publish a report with statistics about the SoHo Broadway corridor, including information about those who live in, work in and visit the district. We are excited to release the SoHo Broadway Spotlight 2016.

The Spotlight 2016 pulls together employment, real estate, transportation, anchor institution and other important data-points in one easy to use resource. For those wanting more detailed information, the Initiative is also publishing the Spotlight 2016 Data Presentation that includes a broader set of SoHo Broadway data-points that provides the underlying data found in the Spotlight 2016. The Initiative hopes the annual Spotlight will be a resource for anyone thinking about locating to SoHo’s Broadway, property owners/brokers seeking to tenant available spaces and our partners in City government to help them better tailor services to the area.

The Spotlight 2016 was developed by Larisa Ortiz Associates, a nationally regarded commercial revitalization, planning, real estate, retail and redevelopment advisory services firm. The Initiative plans to publish the Spotlight annually to provide the SoHo Broadway community with the latest district statistics.




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