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SoHo Broadway Initiative Annual Report: FY2021

SoHo Broadway Initiative: Review a year of positive impacts in a time of unprecedented challenges in the SoHo Broadway community

As reviewed at the recent SoHo Broadway Initiative 7th Annual Meeting, the Initiative’s efforts in sanitation, beautification, public art, quality of life, public safety, community development, and planning and advocacy during Fiscal Year 2021 were impactful and sometimes surprising, often stemming from unique opportunities and challenges that arose during another unprecedented year in SoHo.

The Initiative has published an Annual Report as a record of these achievements, which is available for download here. We are grateful to all who supported and collaborated with us last year to improve the SoHo Broadway for all who live in, work in, or visit the district and look forward to future successes together!

Download the SoHo Broadway FY2021 Annual Report

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