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SoHo Broadway Clean Team Honored in Ticker-Tape Parade

SoHo Broadway Initiative: July 7 Hometown Heroes Parade celebrated the New York City’s essential workers

New York City’s essential workers played an integral part in keeping the city going during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last month, they were honored in the mile-long Hometown Heroes Ticker-Tape Parade along Broadway, and the Initiative’s very own ACE Clean Team took part, represented by Bobby Canty and District Supervisor Lance Marsh.

The SoHo Broadway Initiative would like to express our pride and congratulations to the Clean Team and all the city’s essential workers for all their work and support during the unprecedentedly difficult times our city faced this past year.

Bobby Canty in Ticker-Tape Parade
SoHo Broadway Clean Team and ACE at the Hometown Heroes Ticker-Tape Parade
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