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Let It Snow! Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Photo: Anders Holst

SoHo Broadway District: Do your part to keep the neighborhood safe

While January’s month’s two snowy days brought a refreshing change of scenery to New York, keeping our sidewalks clear of snow, ice, and slush is a big job over the winter months. With every storm and its aftermath, the SoHo Broadway Clean Team (provided in partnership with Streetplus) removes snow and ice from crosswalks, catch basins, bus stops, subway entrances and the areas surrounding fire hydrants.

Snow removal work is in addition to regular sanitation services which are provided in all weather conditions. Since July 2023, the Clean Team has removed 41,943 bags of trash and 9,659 incidents of stickers and graffiti. We would like to send a special thanks to the Clean Team for their continued work in maintaining the walkability of our district. 

Your Responsibilities

Property owners and businesses are again reminded that they must also keep their sidewalks clear of snow and ice. The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) published a useful guide (download PDF) listing the snow removal responsibilities of homeowners, property managers, businesses, and residents with information on DSNY’s snow removal efforts when winter weather hits.

If the snow stops falling between:

Read more about DSNY snow response and responsibilities for businesses, residents, and property owners here.

Businesses should inform their employees of procedures for delayed openings and sidewalk clearing responsibilities.

Citi Bike may temporarily close due to weather, check for updates on their Twitter. If you are traveling, expect driving delays and if using mass transit stay informed with the MTA’s Twitter page.

Meanwhile, all winter weather information and information about the City’s response to any winter storm can be found by visiting the City’s Severe Weather website at www.nyc.gov/severeweather or by calling 311. New Yorkers are also encouraged to sign up for the Notify NYC, the City’s free emergency notification system. Through Notify NYC, New Yorkers can sign up for receive phone calls, text messages, and emails alerts about severe weather events and emergencies.

To sign up for Notify NYC, call 311, visit www.nyc.gov or follow @NotifyNYC on Twitter.

Download:  NYC Department of Sanitation: Snow Removal: Your Responsibilities

Photo of Clean Team on Broadway in the snow
SoHo Broadway Clean Team Field Supervisor Cheikh Dieng working in the snow on January 19, 2024
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