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We are

Samantha Elias, The Vintage Twin

Hand-picking Vintage for SoHo Broadway Since 2016.

Title: Co-Founder and CEO

Business: The Vintage Twin

Year of arrival on SoHo Broadway: April 2016

Address: 543 Broadway


What brought you to SoHo Broadway? What do you do here?

SoHo is the busiest and arguably most iconic shopping area in New York City. We wanted to come here to give shoppers what they couldn’t find at any other store in the neighborhood– hand-picked, one-of-a-kind vintage clothes. We hand-pick and rework our pieces so that they are reliably on-trend, so you don’t have to go digging through piles of stuff to find the gems. We also have our Jeanius Bar, exclusive to The Vintage Twin. In an experience that feels a bit like a magic trick, a Jeanius takes one look at you and selects the perfect pair of jeans for you from thousands of pairs that we have on hand. You really can’t find it anywhere else.

What do you like about SoHo Broadway?

The street is always crowded, the store is always crowded– it’s a great feeling We get thousands of people from all over the world in and out of the store every day. This attention translates to our e-commerce business too. We see shoppers becoming loyal customers from all over the world.

What is your favorite SoHo Broadway memory or experience?

Moving from 594 to 543 Broadway we didn’t even get a moving truck! We just rolled the racks down the street and one block made a huge difference in terms of the amount of traffic we got and the audience.

If you had 20 minutes, where would you go?

Probably stop at Cafe Gitane to sit outside and have a quick bite to eat. It’s this great French place on Mott Street– their Moroccan couscous is one of my favorite dishes in the city.

What should we know about you outside of working/living here? What do you do for fun or are you looking forward to doing? 

Definitely looking forward to spending the rest of the summer by the beach!

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