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Reopening Update: Returning Workers and Shoppers Make for Lively Sidewalks

SoHo Broadway Community: We hope you are enjoying summer in the city as much as we are!

Its been a busy summer so far in SoHo; from the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, to the opening of new and exciting stores in the district, we are ecstatic to see what else this season has to offer. Many of the district’s retail stores are experiencing a notable uptick in business as shoppers and office workers return to SoHo. We’ve compiled a few updates for our readers about what we’re observing in the neighborhood:

Cyclists and Pedestrians at Prince and Broadway
Cyclists and Pedestrians at Prince and Broadway

What’s New In SoHo

New retail opportunities have opened on Broadway in response to increased foot traffic and retail demand. Give our new retailers a warm welcome by giving them a visit, including:

Outdoor Dining at Balthazar
Outdoor Dining at Balthazar

Subway Ridership

While subway ridership is still below pre-pandemic levels, rates are steadily increasing. Compared to reported statistics 3 months ago, last week’s daily average ridership increased by approximately 12%. Ridership since the start of the pandemic peaked at a high of 2,585,965 on Friday, June 25th.

Public Safety

We are pleased to see that as the our sidewalks become more lively, the neighborhood continues to be an overwhelmingly safe place for all who live in, work in, and visit SoHo and surrounding neighborhoods, with local year-to-date crime across major categories down 6.5% (5th Precinct) and 17% (1st Precinct) compared to last year as well as at historic lows compared to previous years.

Office Restrictions Easing

Many office buildings, including our own, have recently changed mask policies for vaccinated workers. While we continue to take safety precautions in our own office space, the relaxed restrictions have provided a sense of normalcy!

Signage at 594 Broadway
Signage at 594 Broadway

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