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Reconnecting Artists and Their Art

SoHo Broadway Art: Initiative helps artists retrieve painted plywood

As reported in July, the SoHo Broadway Initiative has attempted to retrieve as many of this summer’s painted plywood boards as possible from along Broadway from the district before they are discarded as storefronts remove them. We have been reaching out to artists, offering them the option to pick-up boards they painted on that we have recovered. Here are few photos of recent successful instances of reconnecting artist and art from Broadway.

TOP: Garon Wiley Peterson was able to retrieve the boards he painted on directly from the building they were still installed upon after the Initiative connected him with the property’s superintendent.

BELOW: SoHo Broadway Intern Matthew Morowitz loading boards into a pickup truck for artist EyeAntic.

Eyeantic Board Return
Luca picking up boards

ABOVE: Artists Luca Babini, Erin Ko, and Helixx C. Armageddon stacked the boards they collaborated on atop a vehicle for transport.

Please help us locate missing artwork. If you have any information on these pieces, please contact us at info@sohobroadway.org or 212-390-1131.

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