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Rally Museum Exhibits Memorabilia and Collectibles on Broadway

SoHo Broadway Retail: The new destination space joins a cluster of experiential businesses in SoHo

Organization: Rally

Date Opened: June 2023

Address: 446 Broadway

Hours of Operation: Wednesday – Saturday 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. | Sunday 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Web and social media: Website | Instagram | Twitter

Rally was founded in 2016 as a digital investing platform for people to buy shares in memorabilia and collectibles. This month, Rally opened a museum for people to experience the collectibles in person, such as sports cards and memorabilia, art prints, and cars. The museum is located at 446 Broadway and open six days a week and joins nearby experiential and exhibition destinations such as the Sloomoo Institute, Museum of Ice Cream, and The House of Cannabis Museum. We checked in with Rally’s Director of Retail Operations Cristina Sasso to learn more about their company; stop in to explore what’s on display!

Rally Museum at 446 Broadway
Rally Museum at 446 Broadway

1. What does your organization do? What industry are you in?

Rally is a platform that allows anyone to own real equity shares in the rarest collectibles, cultural artifacts, and pieces of history on the planet. From Rolexes to dinosaurs, Rally investors can build a portfolio full of tangible assets that truly matter to them.

2. What brought your organization to SoHo?

Everything on Rally is premium. We select only the best-in-class in every category, and no place reflects our brand’s aspirational attitude like SoHo.

3. What sets your organization apart from the rest?

We were the first to create a true marketplace for buying and selling fractional shares in collectibles and we are by far the leader in the space. When people walk into our museum in SoHo we constantly hear the same exact thing: “I’ve never seen anything like this!”

4. Is there a promotion that you would like to offer readers or members of the SoHo Broadway community:

The museum is free to visit!

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