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Partners in Clean: SoHo Broadway and DSNY

SoHo Broadway Initiative: Department of Sanitation conducts district walkthrough with SoHo Broadway staff

As we all know, it takes a group effort to keep a neighborhood clean. While the SoHo Broadway Initiative’s Clean Team does an amazing job sweeping litter, emptying litterbaskets, and cleaning graffiti and fliers from public assets 363 days a year in our service area, we cannot do it alone. In addition to counting on property managers, businesses and residents to manage their waste in the right way, the Initiative works closely with the New York City Department of Sanitation, who collects the trash our Clean Team bags as well as residential trash and recycling in the district. In addition, the Department of Sanitation makes and enforces rules for how waste is managed citywide, sharing information with residents, businesses, and property owners and issuing summonses to ensure compliance.

On the morning of Wednesday, June 26th, SoHo Broadway Executive Director Erin Piscopink and Deputy Director Brandon Zwagerman were joined by DSNY Manhattan Borough Deputy Chief Justin McNeil, Supervisor Nick DeGaeta, and Commmunity Affairs Liaison Marissa Yanni for a walkthrough of the SoHo Broadway service area. During the visit, staff were able to discuss issues such as missing litterbaskets, missed collections, improper storage of commercial waste bins, route scheduling, vending violations, and more. DSNY staff issued summonses in response to observed violations and followed up to address service and materials requests flagged by the Initiative. We are grateful to the Department of Sanitation for their partnership and taking the time to see firsthand key issues in the district, and look forward to working together closely to ensure SoHo Broadway is as sanitary and clutter-free as possible.

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