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The Original Oat Milk Comes to SoHo Broadway

Date Opened: Moved to SoHo in March of 2018, Opened in the US in early 2017

Organization: Oatly

Address: 524 Broadway, 11th Fl., New York, NY 10012

Hours of Operation: Daily, 9am – 6pm

Social Media:   Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


The Original Oat Milk.

Oatly is the Swedish company known for creating the original Oat Milk. They touched down to the states in late 2016 through an exclusive partnership with Intelligentsia. They now partner with coffee shops all across New York City and across the country.

Oatly is located in the 524 Broadway WeWork; since SoHo is one of the biggest hubs for smart coffee, the office location is central to many of their key New York coffee partners as well Oatly employees. “Everyone at Oatly has a pretty easy commute in because of the proximity to so many trains. SoHo Broadway makes a great spot for those coming from all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and further up the Hudson.” said Sara Fletcher. She is the brand’s Communications + Public Affairs Lead.

We asked Sara what she liked about working at Oatly. “What I love about Oatly; it’s fun, cheeky, and talks to people like people—The products expect people to ask questions and the brand approaches its audience in a similar way – we ask questions about serious things in a light way.” A fun brand born out of intellectual work that challenges everyone around, the research for creating dairy alternatives from the planet itself has resulted in a patented natural enzyme process that breaks down oats but retains their soluble fibers for nutritional value. Because oats are easy to grow and the process for their breakdown is largely natural, Oatly’s production is a good, earth-friendly option that results in a delicious beverage.

Oatly operates in the dairy alternative space of the food and beverage industry.

Their overall goal is to help make it easy and delicious for people to shift towards a more earth-friendly, plant-based diet; in doing so, they also provide an alternative for those who are allergic to dairy, soy or nuts. In their process and final product, Oatly works to find a balance between taste, nutritional health, and sustainability. While the company launched over 20 years ago, it continues to undergo research initiatives today. From first testing ways to produce a sustainable, nutritious liquid substance from oats, the brand is now working to better understand the US market for this unique product.

Oatly products can be found in local coffee shops and are finding their way to grocery shelves too!  Available products in the US now are Oat Milks in: Original, Low-Fat, Chocolate and Barista. Find your Oatly fix today at https://oatfinder.oatly.com/.




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