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Rat Mitigation Resources for Building Owners, Businesses & Residents

SoHo Broadway Partner: neighborhood rat prevention strategies from the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Rats can be a problem for residents, property owners, businesses and entire neighborhoods. Their gnawing and burrowing can cause damage and they can contaminate food, spread disease and reduce our quality of life.

Rats seek out places to live that provide them with everything they need to survive: food, water, shelter and safe ways for them to get around. To keep rats out of your property or neighborhood, you and your neighbors can take steps to make life more difficult for rats visit NYC Health’s page on rats.

Residents, building managers and property owners, businesses and building managers can view rat inspection results and follow-up actions on the Department’s interactive map. Look up rat inspection history by address, borough, block and lot (BBL) number or by neighborhood: Rat Information Portal

Home and Community Prevention

Property owners are required to keep their properties rat-free and address conditions that can lead to rats: Information for Tenants and Property Owners

Information for Businesses, Food Service Business and Pest Management Professionals

Best practices for exterminators, pre-demolition rodent extermination certificates and information about Leptospirosis: Visit NYC Health

Training for Residents and Professionals

Read more New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Rat Prevention for BIDs and Commercial Corridors – download presentation

Contact NYC Health Rat Academy team: ratportal@health.nyc.gov

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