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November 2018 Power Washing Schedule – SoHo Broadway Sidewalk Cleaning

SoHo Broadway Sidewalk Cleaning

Corner power-washing continues this October.  In an effort to be a better neighbor, the Initiative has worked with our cleaning company, ACE, to reduce the noise created from this activity by upgrading to a low noise pump and power washing unit.

For October there will be power washing on: 11/13 (Tuesday), 11/14 (Wednesday), 11/26 (Monday) and 11/27 (Tuesday).

ACE power-washes each corner and all trash/recycling receptacles on the corners from 7pm until no later than 1am on the above dates.

The Initiative generally has cleanings on the second Monday/Tuesday and the fourth Monday/Tuesday of the month from March through November.  November is our completes our power washing for the season and will restart in March 2019.

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