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Meet Wayne Harrison, Clean Team Member

Wayne joined the Initiative’s Clean Team in January 2018 and was tasked with removing snow from a big storm on his first day.

With a smile on his face, he admits that the work on Broadway seems much easier now compared to that day and that the snow was a real eye-opener about the amount of work it takes to keep the Broadway corridor clean, clear and litter free. Additionally, Wayne is happy to be a member of the Clean Team and our SoHo Broadway community.

Wayne Harrison was born in Queens and currently lives in the Bronx. He has some family in the city but most of his relatives live in North Carolina. He is looking forward to the day when he will settle down and possibly join his family down south.

5 Questions with Wayne Harrison:

SBI: When did you start working/volunteering with the SoHo Broadway Initiative?

WH: I started in January of 2018 and will never forget my first day because it was snowing, and I had to shovel all the corners.

SBI: Outside of work, what are your interests and activities?

WH: I like to fish, exercise, read and play sports like basketball and football.

SBI: What is the best part of the next thing you’re doing?

WH: Winning the lottery! But if that doesn’t happen I look forward to improving myself professionally and personally. I think we all have room for improvement and I’d like to become more successful through recognition of my hard work.

SBI: What is your favorite hang-out spot in NYC?

WH: I like going down by the Fulton Street Fish Market and when I’m not downtown you will find me exploring Central Park.

SBI: What is your preferred mode of transportation in NYC?

WH: I prefer the train or bus. They are the only way to get around town.

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