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Meet Melvin Vizcarronado, Clean Team Member

Melvin was recognized for his work ethic in other districts and encouraged to join the Soho Broadway Initiative by ACE (The Association of Community Employment). He started in the corridor on a trial basis and was immediately recognized as a community asset. Melvin was declared a permanent clean team member in February 2018. Melvin said, “I knew working on Broadway would be a good opportunity for me, so I didn’t hesitate to accept the position when it was offered.”

Melvin Vizcarrondo was born in Brooklyn N.Y. after his mother moved to the U.S. from Puerto Rico. He still lives in Brooklyn and likes the neighborhood, people and places around his apartment.

5 Questions with Melvin Vizcarrondo:

SBI: When did you start working/volunteering with the SoHo Broadway Initiative?

MV: I was asked to work on Broadway by ACE and joined the team around February 2018.

SBI: Outside of work, what are your interests and activities?

MV: I like playing billiards and going bowling. My favorite places are in Queens, not too far from my house.

SBI: What is the best part of the next thing you’re doing?

MV: The best part of the next thing I’m doing is to find an opportunity to move up the ladder at work.

SBI: What is your favorite hang-out spot in NYC?

MV: I like to hang-out at the Antique Garage on Mercer Street because they have jazz musicians playing on occasion.

SBI: What is your preferred mode of transportation in NYC?

MV: Without a doubt, the subway!

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