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Meet Katie Garrett – Spring 2015 Outreach Coordinator Intern

Katie Garrett joined us last April and is enrolled at CUNY Hunter College completing her Master’s degree in the Urban Planning program.  She also has a Bachelor of Arts from Hofstra University.


SHBB: When did you start working with SoHo Broadway BID

KG: I started working here in April.


SHBB: Outside of work and studies – what are your interests and activities?

KG: I like being outside, in the winter skiing and when it is warmer hiking or just hanging out by my parents’ pool.


SHBB: What’s the best part of the next thing you’re doing?

KG: I am almost done with the semester, so I am really looking forward to seeing daylight again and actually leaving the library for a couple of weeks before class starts again.


SHBB: Where is your favorite hang-out in the SoHo or New York City?

KG: My favorite hang-out is Madison Square Park. I used to work in an office building near the park and going outside for lunch was such a great experience because you are surrounded by greenery without ever really forgetting that you are still in this huge cosmopolitan city.


SHBB: What is your preferred mode of transportation in NYC?

KG: I love walking around the city and being able to really take in all the sights, sounds, and smells. Every neighborhood is different and seeing it from sidewalk level is a great opportunity to experience it.

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