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Meet Daniel Bernal, Clean Team Member

In 2017, Daniel Bernal began picking up Clean Team shifts and then in November 2017 he began a temporary full time assignment to SoHo Broadway’s Clean Team.

As the saying goes…you had me at hello.  Upon starting full time in November, Daniel has been going above and beyond every day, everything from cleaning behind subway stations to moving Christmas trees, all while working diligently through the route …Daniel has always stepped up to the challenges on working on SoHo Broadway.

Daniel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and is one of four brothers who grew up together in Holyoke, Massachusetts just down the road from Springfield.  He currently lives in the Belmont section of the Bronx.


5 Questions with Daniel Bernal:

SBI: When did you start working/volunteering with the SoHo Broadway Initiative?

DB: In November 2017 after graduating from my ACE program, I became a member of the Clean Team on a trial basis.  It’s been great and I was excited to become a permanent member of the Clean Team in January 2018.

SBI: Outside of work, what are your interests and activities?

DB: I love to take the train out to Coney Island, sit on a bench, watch the ocean and listen to the waves crash against the beach.  When I’m not at the beach, I like to go to the mall in Elizabeth, NJ.

SBI: What is the best part of the next thing you’re doing?

DB: Now that I’m on Broadway, I’m setting my sights on saving up for larger apartment and then hopefully a car.

SBI: What is your favorite hang-out spot in NYC?

DB: I like going the New York Public Library at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street.  I’m learning how to speak different languages…Chinese, Arabic, etc.  Just enough to say hello and some common phrases.

SBI: What is your preferred mode of transportation in NYC?

DB: Subway for sure…I take the mighty D train.

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