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Meet Brandon Zwagerman of the SoHo Broadway Initiative

Brandon Zwagerman joined the SoHo Broadway Initiative as Community Engagement & Planning Manager in February 2019. Originally from Holland, Michigan, Brandon currently resides in Ridgewood, Queens with a cat named Chessie. Brandon holds a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan.

5 Questions with Brandon Zwagerman:

SBI: When did you start working/volunteering with the SoHo Broadway Initiative?

BZ: I began working at the SoHo Broadway Initiative in February 2019. I am excited to work with stakeholders and city agencies to ensure the public realm and built environment of the district best meets the needs of those who live in, work in, and visit SoHo.

SBI: Outside of work, what are your interests and activities?

BZ: I enjoy catching live music, cycling all over the five boroughs (especially to the beach in summer!), patronizing museums as well as grassroots arts spaces, following local politics, watching baseball, and generally wandering the city.

SBI: What is the best part of the next thing you’re doing?

BZ: I’m looking forward to getting to know SoHo in-depth, including its history, architecture and urban fabric, local issues, and the people who make up its community.

SBI: What is your favorite hang-out spot in the SoHo/Downtown area?

BZ: I’m already a big fan of Housing Works Bookstore Café, Prince Street Pizza, Fanelli Café, and Film Forum and am looking forward to discovering new local favorites in the area.

SBI: What is your preferred mode of transportation in NYC?

BZ: I ride my bike just about everywhere, and it keeps getting better thanks to DOT’s ever-expanding cycling infrastructure. But I also love that the M train takes me directly to SoHo from my apartment, transfer-free. And time permitting, walking is the best way to immerse yourself in the ever-changing details of each block.
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