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May is NYC Bike Month – Join the Bike to Work Challenge

The Bike to Work Challenge is now Open!

The Bike to Work Challenge is a Month-long competition to find New York City’s “Bikingest Workplace.” This is the workplace with the highest percentage of employees who commute to and from work by bike in the month of May.

All workplaces in the Five Boroughs are welcome to join the Challenge, whether you are a team of one or thousands. So put your mettle to the pedal and invite your co-workers to commute to work by bike as many times as they can between May 1 – 31. Transportation Alternatives will award the workplaces that have the highest number of trips logged per number of employees. Earn awesome prizes, a new outlook on your morning commute, and bragging rights at the water cooler! Transportation Alternatives will be supporting you every turn of the crank.

You don’t even need to own your own bike to participate, you can head to your nearest Citi Bike station, rent a bike from Unlimited Biking, or BORROW A BIKE free of charge for a week from Brompton Bicycle.

Who can participate?  Workplaces of all sizes in the five boroughs are welcome to join the Challenge. Whether you already work with a pack of seasoned bike commuters, or you’re hoping to introduce bicycling to your office and reap the benefits of a healthy, productive team, the Challenge is a great way to get your coworkers engaged and excited about commuting by bike.

The Bike to Work Challenge is 100 percent free. It’s perfect for cycling veterans and newbs alike. We’ll individually award the mileage kings, but even one trip, part-way, counts as much as a long trip to the success of your team.

Previous challenge participants include thousands of employees at more than 600 corporations and nonprofits including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Sam Schwartz Engineering, Tiffany and Co., Streeteasy, Etsy, D.E. Shaw Group, Google New York, Amplify Education, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

What’s in it for you? Bragging rights, a fresh perspective on your daily commute and…oh yeah, tons of great prizes!

And if your company’s leadership is looking to boost productivity and lower costs, look no further: bike commuters are proven to lower healthcare premiums and be loyal to employers who value their lifestyle.

In June, TransAlt will honor the winning workplaces and individuals at the Commuter Challenge Award Ceremony. Transportation Alternatives will applaud everyone who rode in the Challenge, announce the winners and celebrate cycling at this grand finale of Bike Month 2017.

Learn more about this challenge and how to sign up!  www.bikemonth.nyc

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