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Manhattan Community Board Applications are now open!

SoHo Broadway Partner: Whether you’re a seasoned community advocate or looking to get involved for the first time, your contribution is valuable – apply to your local community board today!

Community boards are the independent and representative voices of their communities—the most grass-roots form of local government. Also, the boards are pivotal in shaping their communities and work to enhance and preserve the character of the city’s many unique neighborhoods.

Community Board applications are now open! Access the application to join your local Community Board in 2024 (see link below). In order to be considered for appointment, a complete application must be submitted online or postmarked by no later than 5:00 pm Friday, February 23rd, 2024.

Prospective members must submit a biography or resume and complete a comprehensive online application explaining why they want to join the board, what skills they offer, and their relationship to their districts. These applications are reviewed and evaluated by an independent screening panel. Qualified applicants are interviewed on the panel’s recommendation by staff members of the Manhattan Borough President’s office.

Appointments are based on the application, panel recommendation, and interviews.

Link to Manhattan Community Board Application 2024

Current community board members seeking to continue their service are required to fill out a re-application form prior to the expiration of their term. Reappointment is not guaranteed. Re-applying members are subject to the same application process as prospective members but are automatically granted interviews. Members must continue to demonstrate a significant interest in their community board, the ability to make the required time commitment, and a track record of constructive participation.

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