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An Italianate Gem at Broadway and Grand

SoHo Broadway History: Men’s clothing store was among first to occupy the beautiful building at 459 Broadway

The five-story building at 459 Broadway on the southwest corner of Grand Street was completed in 1861 for commercial use. The building’s tall rectangular structure, rounded windows and stone facade are characteristic of Italianate architecture, a popular architectural style during the 19th-century. Devlin & Co., a New York City-based men’s clothing store founded in 1843 by brothers Daniel and Jeremiah Devlin, was the first commercial tenant to open a business at the newly constructed building at 459 Broadway. It was the company’s second location.

Source: Museum of the City of New York

In a column published in the New York Times in 1877, Devlin & Co. was characterized as “one of the oldest and best known clothing-houses in this City.” The column continues, “The general movement of the clothing business has been uptown, but Devlin & Co. remain in their old locations and retain their old trade. It is what is called a downtown trade– one that requires good work and fair dealing to hold, but pays well and promptly the firm which holds it.”

Source: Library of Congress

For nearly 20 years, Devlin & Co. headquartered 459 Broadway before the company consolidated with its first store at a different location in 1879, leaving open an opportunity for future garment firms to move their businesses into the bustling commercial district along Broadway. Other commercial tenants including Hodgman Rubber Company, Mannheimer Brothers and A.L. Silberstein all moved their firms’ headquarters into the building during the late 19th century.

Devlin Building Today

Source: The Office of Joseph Pell Lombardi Architect

Between 2006 and 2011, alterations were made to restore the building’s original ground-floor facade. Today, the ground-floor is used for commercial space currently occupied by Duane Reade. In 2022, luxury design house 2022, F. Schumacher & Co. relocated its headquarters to the upper four floors of the building.

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