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LifeLabs Learning

Master Life’s Most Useful Skills!

LifeLabs Learning specializes in leadership training for managers, execs, teams, and individuals at innovative companies (like Etsy, Squarespace, Warby Parker, Sony Music).

Date Opened: September 2018

Address: 524 Broadway

Hours of Operation: Daily: 9:00am – 6:00pm

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What does LifeLabs Learning do and what brought the company to SoHo Broadway?

Our industry is education, but not in the traditional sense. We focus on the most useful life skills that we rarely learned in school (like how to handle difficult conversations, earn influence without authority, and think strategically).

LifeLabs Learning moved to SoHo because we needed more space for our growing team, we wanted to be closer to our clients, and we were very excited about the lunch options. We go out to lunch together every Friday, and SoHo always keeps it interesting.

What sets LifeLabs Learning apart from the rest?

The best way to answer this question is by looking at the feedback we get from our clients and students:

  1. Lab format: our workshops follow a lab format, which means they’re packed with science, a fun practice activity every 7-10 minutes, and super practical tools people can use immediately. Workshops are just 2 hours (so they’re energizing and easy to fit into your schedule), and each one must earn a 90% or higher usefulness score or it gets cut from our menu.
  2. Tipping Point skills: we study what makes great managers and employees different, then we isolate the smallest behavior changes that make the biggest impact. We’re obsessed with simplifying complexity. So we don’t teach people hundreds of skills. We only focus on the Tipping Point skills that tip over into the widest range of areas (at work and in everyday life).
  3. Disruptive clients: we work with about 500 fast-growing, fast-changing companies in a wide range of industries. We understand the skills that matter most in disruptive environments. And we get to collect and share examples of what works and what fails in the real world.
  4. POPs development: we work hard to lift up POPs (People Ops People, HR, L&D, D&I, OD). We provide tools and resources to make their very tough jobs easier, and host educational and community-building events every single month. (If you are a POP, ask us about Culture Club!)
  5. Walk the talk: last but not least, we live and breathe what we teach! Our team is made up of psychologists, consultants, experience designers, and leadership development nerds who push each other to learn, grow, and play every day. (If this sounds like a fun time for you, let us know because we’re hiring!)

If there is a promotion that LifeLabs Learning would like to offer readers or members of the SoHo Broadway community, what is it?

We’re excited to give a $50 credit towards any of our Open Enrollment workshops. These sessions are taught live, in a virtual format. Show up with your camera on and ready to practice (we don’t do webinars). *Use promo code “Sohobway” by end of 2019 to claim your credit.*

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