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SoHo Broadway District: Pulse of Broadway continues to increase

Summer may be coming to an end, but SoHo Broadway is just getting started! Though some have made hyperbolic statements decrying the death of New York City (and other prominent citizens have been refuting those), we here along SoHo Broadway are seeing a district that is very much alive.

As NYC continues to progress into later phases of reopening, SoHo has started seeing more foot traffic on the Broadway corridor as people are returning to shop or just seek out a change of scene from the monotony of months at home. We are excited to see the “dead” NYC rise again and look forward to seeing—and helping—the city and our district once-again become a vibrant place that attracts so many unique personalities, businesses, and opportunities. Below are some scenes that can be witnessed in SoHo these days—shoppers, diners, and even an fashion shoot—a testament to how far our district has come in these last few months.

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