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Initiative Releases Vending Guidebook with District Maps

The Initiative is pleased to announce that the SoHo Broadway Vending Guidebook is now available in hard copy and for download. The guidebook is a handy resource for property owners, retailers, residents and vendors within the SoHo Broadway Initiative’s business improvement district.

The Vending Guidebook provides a summary of laws and rules that apply to sidewalk vending, detailed illustrations and comprehensive maps showing where vendors are allowed to legally vend within the district. Keep in mind that the guidebook does not include every law/rule and in particular does not include laws/rules that are specific to disabled veteran vendors.

We would like to give a special thank you to Molly Prep, Peggy Low, and Lauren Rennee for the exquisite graphics and design as well as the Initiative’s Bill Decker, Katie Garrett and Karissa Lidstrand for their hard work in developing this guidebook.

Below you will find links to the guidebook as well as individual vending regulation maps of the district.

Please contact info@sohobroadway.org the Initiative for hard copies of the Vending Guidebook and to share any feedback on how to make the Guidebook even better.


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