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Sundays on Broadway: with Walter Dundervill & Iki Nakagawa + Luis Lara Malvacías & Jeremy Nelson + Shorties

By Cathy Weis Projects

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Sundays on Broadway and co-curators Emily Climer & Cathy Weis present a shared evening of performances with Walter Dundervill & Iki NakagawaJeremy Nelson & Luis Lara Malvacías, and the return of Shorties.

Walter Dundervill will present an excerpt of new work with video artist Iki Nakagawa. Their collaboration explores different ways in which the creation of live performance and the documentation of live performance can work together to produce an independent work of art. In the midst of making a dance film, they found their interest shifting from the creation of a cinematic product to one in which the process itself is the performance.

In I (as in “imprint” and “in print”), through written, spoken, and embodied language, Jeremy Nelson and Luis Lara Malvacías delve into memories of past, present, and future using the stage as a large surface or open canvas to be transformed. I is the seventh work in a series of highly structured improvisational duets: From A to Z. Taking each piece’s title from a different letter of the alphabet, the project focuses on many aspects of time, and uses signposts and issues connected with life and aging as a framework for these explorations.

During the Fall 2018 season, when there was a last-minute cancellation, Cathy Weis and other curators desperately called on friends to perform in a group improvisational structure. It was such a roaring success that they decided to close out the spring season by doing it again. Shorties is a flurry of micro-dances—one- to-two minute improvisations—performed in quick succession by ten performers. This season’s participants are: Emily Climer, Douglas Dunn, Christine Elmo, Patrick Gallagher, Maddie Irmen, Fumi Kikuchi, Jon Kinzel, Jennifer Miller, Wendy Perron, Vicky Shick, and Cathy Weis.

Who says we can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?

537 Broadway, #3
All events begin at 6:00 pm – doors open at 5:45 pm.
No reservations. No late seating.
$10 suggested contribution.

Keep in mind, this is a small space. Please arrive on time out of courtesy to the artists.

Please be advised: Due to repairs, the elevator will not be available this season. All audience members must use the stairs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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537 Broadway
New York, NY 10012


Event Date: Jun 9, 2019
Event Time: 6:00PM
Event Duration: 1 hours

Admission Policy:

$10 contribution at the door.

All events begin at 6:00pm. Doors open at 5:45pm

There are no reservations. Seating is first come, first served.

Keep in mind, this is a small space! Please arrive on time out of courtesy to the artists.

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