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Pride Month: Tarot Readings by Jamie Beckenstein @ Bookstore Cafe

By Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe

Tarot Readings with Jamie Beckenstein – Soho Community Events

“A tarot reading session with Jamie is as much about the way you react and relate to the interpretation as it is about their interpretation itself. Their goal in reading is not to predict your future, but to offer insights as to how we can reflect on and relate to our lives— how to engage with a difficult moment, or prepare for new challenges, or rethink our relationships….I always leave a reading with them feeling more centered and more hopeful— and their readings have often been catalysts for new perspectives and important decisions in my life.” —C.W.

June 21: 5PM to 8PM

June 22: 3PM – 8PM

June 29: 1PM to 4PM

Hi! I’m Jamie. I read tarot by asking for a question about your life—silly, serious, anywhere in between—and pulling cards to help you look at the situation through a new lens. I don’t tell the future, but I can help out with the present. Cards work equally well if you think they’re magic or if you think they’re random: tarot is for everyone!


Jamie Beckenstein is a writer, tarot reader, oral historian, and community worker based out of Queens, New York. Jamie has eight years of experience with oral history and interview-based work. They have interviewed on trans experiences in rural areas, sex education via mainstream media, college applications at “high-achieving” public high schools, condom use among straight men, and much more. These interviews have resulted in documentary plays, educational materials, video work, multi-genre writing, and traditional oral history. They have an extensive knowledge of the early HIV/AIDS epidemic in New York, television history, and sex ed. (Also, pirates and NASA.) They have been reading tarot seriously for three years.

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126 Crosby St, Bookstore Cafe
New York, NY 10012


Event Date: Jun 21, 2019
Event Time: 5:00PM
Event Duration: 3 hours

Admission Policy:

$5 to $40 Sliding Scale


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