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Synagogues of the Lower East Side Walking Tour @ Museum at Eldridge Street

By The Museum at Eldridge Street

Synagogues of the Lower East Side Walking Tour – Stroll through the neighborhood’s 100-year-old history!

One hundred years ago, there were as many as 500 synagogues dotting the streets of the Lower East Side. Only a few, like the Museum’s landmark building and the Bialystocker Synagogue, still exist in their original form; most are distant memories or have been altered beyond recognition. Some even serve completely different functions – as Buddhist temples or private homes!

Join historian Bradley Shaw to explore the evolution of the Lower East Side through the fate of its synagogues. You’ll learn about the ones still in existence, the ones that were lost, and the ones transformed to fit the needs of a changing neighborhood.

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12 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002


Event Date: Dec 18, 2022
Event Time: 11:00AM
Event Duration: 1 hour

Admission Policy:

$27.28incl. $2.28 Fee
$22.03incl. $2.03 Fee
$22.03incl. $2.03 Fee
Free for children under 5

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