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Sundays on Broadway: Stephen Petronio + Mina Nishimura + Nami Yamamoto + Cayleen Del Rosario

By Cathy Weis Projects

Stephen Petronio + Mina Nishimura + Nami Yamamoto + Cayleen Del Rosario – SoHo Broadway Events

Sundays on Broadway co-curators Owen Prum and Weis present an evening of performances by Stephen Petronio, Mina Nishimura, Nami Yamamoto, and Cayleen Del Rosario.

Following this evening’s performance, we’re hosting a 10th Anniversary Dance Party to celebrate a decade of dance, film, music and community at WeisAcres. Details to come.

In Stephen Petronio’s solo improvisation This Is Me In The Room, he will be talking and dancing—discussing what’s currently on his mind, generating movement connecting him to the architecture in the room and eyes watching him.

Mina Nishimura has described her Impulsive Score! Erased Score! Time Machine Score!, as an act of building a time machine that only travels forward at a rate of one second per second.

Nami Yamamoto will present an excerpt of a new work about passing knowledge through generations. For this project, she is researching what her mother and her mother’s generation experienced during World War II. She is gathering historical information and personal stories, especially about the Japanese occupation of Manchuria between 1931 and 1945 all while practicing, improvising, and exploring movement in the studio.

Cayleen Del Rosario’s site-specific performance work was made for a floor at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, and now, for anywhere else. There is a ghost, a speaker, a double, and a trio. Movement and words are exact and passing. Doors open and close, blood stains white. It is a psychoanalytic performance exploration on emergence, afterwardness, and the timelessness of the unconscious. The is-ness of the situation unfolds with a feeling opposite of dread.

Sundays on Broadway
at WeisAcres, 537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012

$10 suggested donation

Thank you to IndieSpace and their Little Venue That Could Program for helping to make this season possible.
The Little Venue That Could Program is supported by the Howard Gilman Foundation.


View Directions

537 Broadway
New York, NY 10012


Event Date: May 19, 2024
Event Time: 6:00PM
Event Duration: 2 hours

Admission Policy:

$10 suggested donation

Keep in mind, this is a small space! Please arrive on time out of courtesy to the artists.

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