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Salon Ed Bowes

By Douglas Dunn Studios

Join us for the premiere of SEAHORSE POWDER ROOM and  Q & A with the filmmaker

About the film:

Seahorse Powder Room spends personal time with two adults and two children; variously writers, thinkers, and musicians, presenting in a weave of text, considerations of Judith Butler and queer poetics, a severed fox head and performance, as they mix in the the shadow of words, light and impermanence. The performers are Steven Taylor, Serena Chopra, Uli Miller and Patrick Pethybridge.

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541 Broadway, Buzzer #19
New York, NY 10012


Event Date: Dec 9, 2017
Event Time: 7:30PM
Event Duration: 2 hours +

Admission Policy:

Suggested donation amount: $10

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