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Monthly Women’s Self Defense Session

By Gardea Christian

TRANSFORM FEAR INTO KNOWLEDGE AND EMPOWERMENT. This is a class where you will learn self defense. There will be some exercise with a majority of class focused on techniques and application of those techniques. The techniques taught in these classes have been tried and tested. At the end of each session you will know techniques that will give you 2 options. OPTION 1: Execute the move and follow up with attacks until the attacker is incapacitated. OPTION 2: Execute the move and get out of the area as fast as possible.
Gardea Christian is a fitness instructor located in NYC and he is hosting the women’s self defense program with monthly sessions at GYM NYC in SoHo. This is another opportunity to build the community together.

Gardea Yefehmu Jomas Christian
General Manager, TRIFECTA
Contact: 302-359-4669

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227 Mulberry Street, GYM NYC


Event Date: Oct 16, 2018
Event Time: 5:30PM
Event Duration: 1 hour

Admission Policy:

Register and reserve your spot via Class Pass

Walk-ins are accepted if there is space. The session last month sold out.

Wear comfortable attire. Can be athletic.

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